Yanawana Herbolarios is passionate about free/affordable and accessible healthcare for all. We also firmly believe that access should include holistic modalities. Our healthcare clinics integrate multiple modalities whenever possible in order to bring our clients an integrative health experience designed to compassionately and holistically address their personal healthcare needs. These services are free to the community and integral to improving health outcomes in the communities we serve. In addition to The People’s Clinic, we also offer the Yanawana Womxn’s Clinic once a month and sliding scale private herbal consultations.

Yanawana Womxn’s Clinic

In partnership with San Anto Cultural Arts, The Yanawana Womxn’s Clinic offers an opportunity to have a private, scheduled appointment with a midwife. While not currently accepting birth clients at the Yanawana Womxn’s Clinic, our clinicians can consult with you on a range of topics including hormones, menopause, menstruation, fertility and conception, miscarriage, health during pregnancy, nutrition, breastfeeding, postpartum care, infant care and development, sexual health, and other topics that are uniquely experienced by womxn. The Yanawana Womxn’s Clinic is by appointment only, available on the third Saturday of each month between 10 am and 4 pm at San Anto Cultural Arts at 2120 El Paso St, SATX 78207. Appointments are free to book, but donations are gladly accepted. Click the button below to schedule your appointment today!

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Private Herbal Consultations

Yanawana Herbolarios also offers private consultation for clients who would like a longer or private appointment, or who cannot attend The People’s Clinic. Conveniently offered to suit your schedule via Skype or over the phone, you can book a private consultation with an herbalist to discuss your health concerns. Each appointment will be reserved for an hour, and include a detailed health history, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, and discussion of appropriate herbal therapies. Click the button below to schedule your appointment today!

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