Yanawana Herbolarios offers health and wellness, educational, and special programming to the communities that partner with us. We offer botanically integrative clinics, sustainability workshops, post-disaster healthcare, and more.

Our free botanical integrative healthcare clinics are modeled after allopathic clinics and incorporate alternative healing modalities such as clinical herbalism, massage therapy, and nutrition. During their visit, clients will be seen by a Lead Clinician who will formulate a wellness plan with them. Depending on the client’s needs a wellness plan may include one or more of the following: referral to higher definitive care, bodywork services, nutritional counseling, and/or allopathic or alternative services; custom botanical medicine formulas to address the issue(s); lifestyle recommendations, and client education. This program aims to provide free health care for the under-served, underinsured, and uninsured in one of the most financially impoverished areas of San Antonio, TX.

Yanawana Herbolarios presents workshops on a variety of topics including gardening and permaculture, nutrition and food preservation, botany and wildcrafting, botanical medicine making, and survival skills. We partner with other community organizations to offer these educational opportunities for communities that are in socioeconomically challenged areas, in food deserts, and are generally under-served. It is our goal to re-establish communication and relationship with the land in ways that will provide community sustainability and health.

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Every day people in communities like yours are in need of healthy food, adequate healthcare, and are overwhelmed by the urban sprawl. You can help Yanawana Herbolarios meet these needs by donating today.